Up to the Challenge, Together

It feels like the world has turned upside down this week. The escalating outbreak of the COVID-19, or coronavirus, has ushered in an unprecedented situation for our world, our nation, and our college. Despite uncertainties surrounding this global pandemic, Fox Valley Technical College is up to the challenge. We have been a powerful force in this region for well over 100 years, and while that foundation of support and experience offers tremendous stability, this situation will call for exceptional agility, creativity, and ingenuity on our part.Credit Eppstein Uhen Architects

Photographed by C&N Photography

Our faculty and staff are on a mission to mobilize resources and innovation to ensure that our college can continue to deliver vital educational services to the greatest extent possible. While this very serious public health emergency calls for us all to come together to work through this challenge, ironically the most important thing we can do for our community right now is to keep people apart.

I call on every member of our campus community—our students, instructors, support staff, administrators, employer and agency partners, vendors, and other customers to support our social distancing efforts, to adapt to this crisis with patience and resiliency, and serve our region with a whole new level of innovation.

Please take a moment to visit our coronavirus updates page for info on the college’s operations, closures, and coursework during the coronavirus outbreak.

Together we will get through this significant disruption of our normal routines and come out stronger from this unique opportunity to be of service to one another.

One thought on “Up to the Challenge, Together

  1. Merlin Gentz

    Great leadership in very difficult times. Keep our expert staff glued to ways to address the educational needs of our people and industries in these trying times. Keep linked to the governmental side, where I am involved, for help and support, as we try to survive this enemy.

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