Life as a Grandparent

Well, this is certainly a new perspective! Our first grandchild (a girl) was born in August and I’ve now had just over 4 months to try out this new role. All I can say is that it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Unlike the rather hectic and stressful nature of becoming a new parent, a grandparent can truly relax, enjoy, and appreciate all that a new little life brings…the remarkable transformation that occurs within the first months. I enjoy every moment I have with this precious little one and the personality that emerges more each week. OK, OK, I’ll share a few photos.  

10 thoughts on “Life as a Grandparent

  1. Marge Schnese (retired)

    Congratulations, Dr. May, on becoming a grandmother to this beautiful child. Grandchildren are such a blessing and such fun to watch them grow each day. Enjoy every minute of precious time together.

  2. Debbie Gendron

    Grandbabies are a true blessing I had my first one 12 years ago and the most recent is 8 months. I hope to be blessed one or two more times at least LOL


    Oh my goodness!! Congratulations! Our first granddaughter was born 12 years ago and our second was born one month ago in New York. With a couple little grandsons in between, there is nothing more entertaining. You enjoy every minute! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Melanie Buyarski

    Congratulations, Dr. May. I have a grandson who’s two, and like you, my granddaughter was born in August. One more grandbaby will arrive in June. They are pure joy, and I delight in every minute with them–their parents are OK too. 😉

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