Exploring Career Opportunities

The college held its annual open house on October 2, and once again the event welcomed nearly 3,000 visitors at all of our campus locations in the area.  I always look forward to this fall event to witness the connections our faculty and staff make with prospective students and their families to not only build promising futures, but also lifelong relationships.

The energy at this year’s open house was electric. Our strong economy has ushered in a great opportunity for both career starters and career changers to find a rewarding career path, while we continue to work toward addressing the critical workforce needs of our region’s employers.   

Technical skills and technical careers are clearly the focus of this growing economy and it was terrific to see so many people exploring these tremendous career opportunities.    

Visitors to our annual open house always create an electric atmosphere. 

2 thoughts on “Exploring Career Opportunities

  1. Eric Graczkowski

    I have two high school seniors in my home. I also have an elementary age child. We spend a typical weekday working between 630 AM and 930 PM. That’s two parents and the two older kids.
    In short there simply is not time during the week to attend an event like this.
    Would there be a chance to host a weekend event and also publish this sort of event announcement through many mediums since this is the first I have heard that since occurred.
    Thank you,

    1. Dr. May

      Hi Eric, thanks for your feedback. We offer many opportunities for the community to visit our campuses. While we did widely promote our open house event throughout the region, the best source for information is our college website: http://www.fvtc.edu/visit . Our admissions specialists would be happy to provide a tour on a weekend that works with your schedule. Please do come and see us!

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