Technical Education Champion

Earlier this month another one of our key business partners was honored with a state-level award, and it was great to be there to help present and celebrate this recognition.  The award is called the “Technical Education Champion Award,” and it is a singular, annual honor from the District Boards Association (all of the college trustees) of the Wisconsin Technical College System.  The 2018 recipient was Mr. Rick Recktenwald, president and CEO of Walker Forge and Precision Thermal Processing in Clintonville.

Rick is extremely passionate about the importance of manufacturing and the tremendous opportunities available in companies such as those he leads for individuals with the right skill sets.  He has worked tirelessly within his community and the northeast Wisconsin region to spread the technical education message and to provide incredible opportunities for those who rise to the challenge.  Rick has made tremendous contributions to FVTC over the years, including the contribution of time and talent on our Board of Trustees.  He also makes a remarkable investment in the education and development of his employees year in and year out and loves to see others have opportunities to grow and thrive.

We are so proud to see a former trustee and terrific business partner receive this wonderful award.  Congratulations, Rick!

Rick Recktenwald

3 thoughts on “Technical Education Champion

  1. Judy Ruhl

    I love that Rick invests in the youth in his community as well — Tours for 4th graders to show that today’s manufacturing is not the same as your parents’ job and hosting the advanced science labs at his plant. He is definitely deserving of this award!!

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