The Impact of Oshkosh Corporation

Last week I was able to get “up close and personal” with Oshkosh Corporation in two very different ways.  The first was through a conversation with one of our student veterans who was sharing with me how he had survived explosions in three separate encounters while serving in the Middle East, the last one being very serious and causing substantial personal injury.  He was quick to point out, though, as he pulled up a photo on his phone of what was left of the vehicle he was riding in, that he wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Oshkosh Corporation.

The second experience of the week involving Oshkosh Corporation was attending its centennial parade as part of the company’s 100-Year Celebration activities.  What a remarkable display of equipment from its various business segments including defense, fire and emergency, commercial, and access equipment.  It’s always clear to me that the ingenuity and quality of workmanship by the people of this organization produce some of the most impressive vehicles in the world.  Their clear focus is on keeping people safe.

This company has been in existence almost as long as the earliest foundational schools of Fox Valley Technical College, and there have been many ways in which our organizations have worked together and supported one another over the last century.  Oshkosh Corporation is certainly a point of pride in our region and makes an incredible impact worldwide.  We’re proud to work in partnership with the people at Oshkosh Corporation and congratulate them on 100 years!

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