Building Decades of Success from the Ground Up in Residential Construction

When summer comes, year after year, we gather people together to celebrate the completion of a new single family home somewhere in the Fox Valley Region – a home that’s been completely constructed by our Residential Building Construction students, with the guidance of our faculty and staff.  A few weeks ago, we held this annual celebration in Greenville.

With the support of the College Foundation, this program built its first spec home in 1997.  The Foundation purchases the lot and invests in the necessary building materials and permits.  Once finished, the proceeds from the sale of the home go back to the Foundation to support scholarships and future projects.  It’s a great partnership.  Due to the outstanding quality, most of these homes are sold each year within days of being on the market – and that was the case again this summer.

This year’s gathering was more special than most, however, as it was an opportunity to honor a retiring instructor in this program – Mr. Bill Tuchscherer.  In fact, Bill was the founding instructor for this program nearly three decades ago.  In all his years with the College, Bill worked diligently to ensure that his students were getting the best and most realistic experience and career guidance possible, and he worked closely with construction industry employers to  best meet their workforce needs while  garnering critical support  for a quality program.

Open House 2017 & Bill T retirement plaque (30)
Bill Tuchscherer built more than houses with our students; he built lives.

Bill not only led the many successful spec home builds by this program since 1997, but also several basement projects.  In addition, he worked with both the Housing Partnership and Fox Cities Habitat for Humanity on projects for many years.  No pun intended, but Bill built this program from the ground up.  It’s always fun to tour these projects and see the remarkable work that our students have accomplished – there’s such pride in workmanship on display as the students show their family members and friends through the homes they’ve built.

I certainly appreciate the work of all our faculty, staff, and students as well as the great support from our industry partners in this annual project.  And other programs such as Electricity and Horticulture have also been very involved with the projects as well.  The learning experience doesn’t get any more realistic than this.

A high quality home needs a solid foundation.  Bill Tuchscherer has certainly laid the foundation for a solid technical education program in the years ahead and we’re most grateful for his contributions.

View photo gallery of this year’s home on Facebook >>

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