Crossing Paths with an Impressive Graduate

I so often cross paths with the many incredible FVTC graduates who live and work in our region, and in any number of terrific careers.  Last week, however, I was so very proud of sharing an event with a 2001 graduate of our Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement program who currently serves as the Sheriff of Dodge County, Dale Schmidt.  Sheriff Schmidt, in fact, is one of the youngest sheriffs to serve in that capacity in our state.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt administers the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor

We were attending the graduation of the Fox Valley Tech Corrections Academy at our Public Safety Training Center, where 15 individuals who currently work in county corrections facilities from all across the state were being honored for completing this intensive four-week training program.  Sheriff Schmidt was not only there to celebrate this accomplishment with his three participating officers from the Dodge County Detention Facility, but he was also the guest speaker for the event.

It was great to spend time honoring these officers with their agency leaders and family members.  Another group of over 20 officers will begin this program in March, and the cycle of building skills for Wisconsin’s correctional workforce continues.


One thought on “Crossing Paths with an Impressive Graduate

  1. Kendrick, Sharon A.

    I too am so proud of our Law Enforcement team, and all those who teach them these important skills. They truly are the part of our communities that keep life in balance, and help justice to prevail. God bless them each and everyone and all those they love.


    Sharon Kendrick

    Regional Operations

    Waupaca Regional Center

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