Making an Impact in Unexpected Ways

Right before the holidays I became aware of a wonderful story I needed to share.  I had seen an obituary for a 94-year-old woman named Marie who recently passed away.  It was noted that she finished ninth grade and did not continue through high school, but rather stayed at home to help on the farm.  A firm believer in education, however, Marie later attended night school at FVTC, proudly completing her GED certificate.

Turns out that Marie was the mother-in-law to one of our employees – an Adult Basic Education instructor who works with many others in our community to obtain their GEDs!  Marie was the mother of 18 children (eight girls, ten boys), so I can only imagine that quite some time had passed in her life before she could possibly pursue her GED.  I further learned this remarkable woman was so proud of both her achievement and the College.  In fact, every time Marie drove by the campus she would say something like, “that’s where I got my GED.”

While Marie didn’t complete one of our high-tech degrees or have a long career at a thriving regional company, she accomplished something perhaps even more important for herself and as a role model for her family.  The story simply reminded me that FVTC makes an impact in people’s lives in many different, and sometimes unexpected, ways.  Marie, I hope you realized we were also very proud of you!

How can FVTC make an impact in your life or business?

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