Who’s Hiring Our Grads?

On December 3, I was once again honored to participate in our winter commencement program. My perspective on stage while congratulating hundreds of graduates made me think about a recent publication our college developed with the very images of their smiles in caps and gowns on its front cover.

Our new publication, Who’s Hiring Fox Valley Tech Grads


The publication, Who’s Hiring Fox Valley Tech Grads, serves as an insert in the most recent issue of our bi-annual brand magazine, Focus, and as a stand-alone piece. It highlights the value our graduates bring to a broad range of employers in the region.

Almost every graduate I had the privilege of shaking hands with during commencement will enter the workforce unless they’ve already landed a position before graduating. As each graduate crossed the stage, I asked myself, ‘I wonder who’s hiring him or her?’ Are you curious where our graduates end up working?

Check out the publication HERE>>>. If you are an employer, let us know how our graduates can impact your workforce.

Click here to view commencement photos>>>

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