Celebrating Diversity at the State Capitol

I could not have had a more enjoyable day than I did yesterday with a group of our staff and one of our students as we made a road trip to Madison and the State Capitol.  We were there to attend the annual state Diversity Awards program sponsored by the State Council on Affirmative Action and the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Personnel Management.  This was the first year that the eligibility criteria for the Ann Lydecker Educational Diversity Award was expanded beyond the UW System to include the Wisconsin Technical College System institutions.  And Fox Valley Technical College was honored with this award for the exceptional work of our staff in the “Brother to Brother” program, which has now expanded to the “Scholars for Success” initiative – focusing on targeted retention and degree completion strategies for minority students.

We were very pleased to also be joined by Nikki Wachter from the Great Lakes Higher Education Guarantee Corporation who served as an outstanding partner with us in this initially grant-funded program.  They believed in this idea enough to not only fund this project for one year, but based on the remarkable 80-90% student persistence results, funded a second year of the program and for twice as many students.  One of those students is Lamond Hill, just a terrific young man who joined us in this awards celebration yesterday and was honored for his accomplishments.

Congratulations also to the three other organizations honored this year in other awards categories:

  • WI Department of Health Services
  • WI Department of Revenue
  • University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Thank you – Rayon Brown, Koua Thao, Mayra Pasayes, Anthony Miller and Patti Jorgensen – for your impressive work with our students, for representing FVTC so well in the celebration at the State Capitol, and to all of you as well as Lamond in making this one of my best days ever as president of this organization.

Rayon Brown and I accepting the Ann Lydecker Educational Diversity Award on behalf of Fox Valley Technical College.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Diversity at the State Capitol

  1. Deb Wendt

    As I sit across from the Diversity and Inclusion Services office at FVTC, I can clearly see that Rayon and his team make a difference every day. The high level of support that the students receive is second to none. This is a well deserved award. Congratulations to the Diversity and Inclusion team.

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