Sharing Time with Emerging Leaders

On Friday, I had the pleasure of addressing the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Fall Leadership Conference held at our Appleton campus for students from all across the state.  I talked a bit about my own leadership journey and shared a few observations and suggestions that I thought might be of help to our student leaders.

The Phi Theta Kappa exhibit on our Appleton campus displays several awards.

This student organization and honor society focuses on four key areas of development:  service, leadership, scholarship, and fellowship.  These are all areas of development that would definitely benefit anyone, regardless of career path.  Like any student organization, students elect whether or not to join, to get involved.  In the case of PTK, certain academic criteria also need to be met for membership.

Involvement in student organizations and extra-curricular activities in both high school and college played a very foundational role in my own leadership development.  I wish more of our students engaged in at least one or more of the 50+ student organizations at FVTC.  Over the years, I’ve certainly seen many remarkable accomplishments by our students working together.  This Thursday evening we will be holding one of the semi-annual PTK induction ceremonies for new members – I’m hoping to see many new inductees there!


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