Celebrating the Generosity of the Keller Family

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a very special celebration in our community – an event that recognized the 25th anniversary of the J. J. Keller Foundation and included a gift to Riverview Gardens (our host site) that had the Foundation reach the $50 million milestone of support and philanthropy for this region.
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Observing an Interesting Trend Change

Having been involved in higher education for more than three decades, it’s interesting to reflect on how trends have changed…and once in a while something old is even new again!  It wasn’t too many years ago the trend was to offer students as many options as possible, allowing them to choose from among a plethora of degree programs, some with very little distinction between them – a full array of separate, but often quite similar, programs.  What was also trending at the time was complete flexibility in how a student chose to piece together his/her schedule of classes in working toward degree completion.  Gone were the days prior where our technical programs were very rigid in their structure with distinct blocks of courses to be taken each term, there were no electives, and they were scheduled in a way that a full cohort of students pretty much progressed through together, in almost lock step, from start to finish. Continue reading “Observing an Interesting Trend Change”

Lawmakers Focus on College Affordability and Student Debt

Last week we hosted a visit by Governor Walker, the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI), and a number of local legislators focusing on the topic of college affordability and student debt.  While recent developments on this front by State Government were highlighted and I had the opportunity to share some of the ways we are making a college education even more affordable, the new announcement by the Governor was the creation of a position at DFI that will specialize in student debt.
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