Bright Futures for Student Champions

Plumbing Champion Students
Our plumbing apprenticeship champions, Adam Koenigs (left) and Peter Hollmaier

What a month this has been for our students and recent graduates!  We have had some very impressive “champions” with whom I’ve had the great pleasure to cross paths.  I’ll start with the two FVTC plumbing apprentices who teamed up with two students from MSOE and comprised Team USA in the Community Plumbing Challenge last month in Nashik, India.  These students designed and installed a handwashing facility in a school of 500 children where, essentially, nothing existed before to support sanitation and disease control.  Our apprentices, under the guidance of instructor Randy Lorge, were Adam Koenigs, employed by J.F. Ahern in Fond du Lac and Peter Hollmaier, with S.B.S. Plumbing in Oshkosh.  They returned as world champions of this challenge, technically, but I could clearly see that they gained so much more from this global experience.  They certainly had a “win” in terms of technical application in solving a problem using very primitive available resources, but they also gained an enormous appreciation for what we have here at home and the conditions under which so many people in the world live.  What outstanding ambassadors these two young men were for FVTC, Wisconsin and the United States!
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