Wrapping Up Another Year

As 2014 comes to a close, I look back on the many wonderful events and accomplishments of so many over the course of the year.  Time goes by so very quickly, and before we know it an entire semester is over or we’re approaching the next major holiday.

The holiday season is also a pretty incredible time here at the college as so many of our staff and students engage in fundraisers, food collections, Adopt-a-Family, and other major activities to support needy individuals and families here in the region.  I’d like to share just one of these remarkable efforts with you in this post.

Machine Tool Club students display their efforts for those in need.

Machine Tool Club students display their efforts for those in need.

One of our student clubs, the Machine Tool Technician Club, has for many years made a major food donation to a local food pantry.  This year the students raised all the money for the mountain of food shown in the photo here by designing and fabricating customized steel ornaments as an on-campus fundraiser.  They sold enough ornaments to purchase or collect more than 3,000 items of food valued at approximately $3,400!  St. Joseph Food Program will be the recipient of this wonderful work and will assist many families in the coming weeks.  It takes a great group of students, and a great group of faculty and staff, to dedicate the time and energy needed for such an undertaking at one of the busiest and most stressful times in an academic year (the end of a term).

I appreciate the tremendous contributions and giving spirit of everyone involved in these many holiday activities, as does our community!

Thank you for reading my blog throughout the year.  I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in some of my many interesting experiences as a college president.  It’s truly a privilege to lead such an incredible organization.  Happy holidays and I wish you the very best in the new year!

View FVTC’s holiday e-card>>>http://www.fvtc.edu/holiday

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