Success Has A View

I feel like I don’t really leave the office sometimes because I see our college wherever I go.  Most visibly, it’s hard to avoid noticing the college’s name when you see our truck driving students navigate their way around roads and highways in semis and other specialized trucks.

Every time I see our trucks around the community, for starters I remind myself to be patient!  Most recently though, I found myself reflecting on the distinctiveness of this career and how it’s changed with new technologies and better comfort.  On the other hand, one thing that hasn’t changed is the high demand for these skilled drivers.

When thinking about truck driving as a career, it’s easy to focus on the challenges associated with moving big, bulky vehicles across the country on little sleep.  I’ve learned, for example, that perceptions like these, albeit sometimes true, do not represent the big picture when it comes to this important segment of the transportation industry.

Take, for instance, how today’s skilled truck drivers themselves look at the profession.  One of our recent completers of the college’s Truck Driving program, Robin Grapa, touched many of us here when she shared her story in a recent issue of Women in Truckingmagazine.

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