Rubbing Elbows with Global Businesses

Workplace training is one area that flies a bit under the radar in higher education, but it is certainly a vital part of what we do at Fox Valley Technical College.

I’m amazed at the different types of businesses that our expert workplace trainers get to rub elbows with on a regular basis.  In fact, I often stop in my tracks and take a step back to ask myself, “Wow, we really do this for that company?”  In particular, I marvel at the number of global businesses, many of which are Fortune 500 ™ companies, that look to Fox Valley Tech to train their employees.

On Wednesday, May 14, our college will have the pleasure of celebrating a 10-year partnership with APICS, which is an acronym representing the Association for Operations Management.  This organization is a leading professional association in the areas of supply chain and operations management.

The concepts of supply chain and product and inventory management are critical to companies in this economy.  With a global market driving businesses to implement lean operations and better inventory management practices, companies need to learn real-time strategies to stay competitive.

Many of the companies we train online with APICS learning modules are the likes of Coca-Cola, Boeing, DuPont, Ford, IBM, Kraft Foods, Pepsi, and Sara Lee, to name just a few.  Imagine the inventory systems of these organizations with worldwide distribution channels.  I am very proud of the work we do in this field because of the incredibly broad impact it makes.

The celebration event on May 14, will take a closer look at how this partnership has made a difference in the operations of so many employers.  We are honored to be the exclusive online worldwide trainer for APICS prep courses dealing with certifications in Production and Inventory Management and in Certified Supply Chain Professional.

Consider joining us at the 10-year anniversary event from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the commons at the Appleton campus as we welcome professional business futurist, Jeff Wacker, a renowned speaker who will discuss technologies related to the revolution behind supply chain management.


One thought on “Rubbing Elbows with Global Businesses

  1. Jerry Eyler

    These great developments really HAPPEN because of terrific people and the incredible institution that IS FVTC. Thanks for your leadership!

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