Amazing People at Work, 24/7

What makes my job so enjoyable is working with people who do amazing things.  Sometimes these amazing deeds are accomplished with a lot of behind the scenes people and processes, making the outcomes even more impressive.

Recently, I learned of quite a story from staff in our National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC).  Through this Center we lead many national training initiatives with other agencies in programs such as AMBER Alert, Human Trafficking, and Internet of Crimes Against Children (ICAC).  The story reminds me once again of the amazing people who work tirelessly day and night to keep our communities safe.

A detective from a police department in Illinois attended an ICAC undercover training session delivered by the NCJTC.  The Center holds many of these types of specialized training sessions throughout the year, which bring law enforcement personnel together from across the country, sometimes attracting international participants.

This particular detective learned strategies at the ICAC training session on how to use Craigslist for locating individuals who prey on and sexually exploit children.  After attending the session, he immediately applied what he learned to obtain relevant information to both locate and arrest a suspect within two days.

While we all go about our busy daily lives, professionals like this are working behind the scenes every hour on the hour to protect children from these predators.  In this particular case, the FBI assisted jurisdictional law enforcement in arresting the perpetrator while securing the whereabouts of the victim, who happened to be the suspect’s six-year old daughter.  The suspect admitted to several counts of sexual abuse and manufacturing of child pornography.

A bit later, the Office of the Illinois Attorney General shared the following sentiments on behalf of the detective who attended the training session and within days helped take a dangerous person off of the streets:

You all had a hand in making this class happen.  So you all had a hand in saving this child.  I cannot thank you enough for the assistance you gave to my ICAC (task force) to make the class happen.

Today you are all Heroes to one six-year old child.

I get a chill in just sharing this experience.  As predators of children find new ways to lure them into unimaginable predicaments, our law enforcement community too must discover fresh approaches for combating these crimes.

Congratulations to everyone involved in saving the life of this child!  With the opening of our new Public Safety Training Center approaching in early 2015, Fox Valley Technical College looks forward to building upon these kinds of successes even further as we assist the law enforcement and public safety community.

FVTC's Public Safety Training Center, set to open in early 2015, will create more opportunities to build best practices in several areas of law enforcement training.
FVTC’s Public Safety Training Center, set to open in early 2015, will create more opportunities to build best practices in several areas of law enforcement training.

One thought on “Amazing People at Work, 24/7

  1. frannyciske

    Hi Dr. May,

    I wanted to take a moment to say, WOW, what an incredible write up. At first I felt the “warm fuzzy” but then I got chills too, the more I read. This is an excellent spotlight. Thank you for sharing.

    Franny Ciske

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