Ever Think About Teaching?


FVTC Faculty & Adjunct Faculty Job Fair
FVTC is hosting a Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Job Fair on Monday, April 29

I actually started my career as a teacher, so this is something close to my heart. The college is hosting a Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Job Fair on Monday, April 29, for individuals who want to explore the possibility of teaching for Fox Valley Technical College full-time, part-time, or on an adjunct (course by course) basis.

Our instructors have expertise in a wide range of fields and, collectively, make an incredible contribution to the region’s economy through the daily development of the current and future workforce. Their expertise in advanced manufacturing, business, health care, transportation, communications, public safety, culinary arts and IT, just to name a few, offers tremendous learning experiences for those they touch.

What’s even more impressive is hearing from our students, graduates, and workplace partners about the role these instructors have played, and continue to play, in their lives.  I don’t have to look very far to find these testimonials. They find me… in the halls at FVTC, during visits to employers, at student and community events, and more.

Perhaps you’d like to consider joining our organization and pursuing a profoundly rewarding career. I can’t tell you how often I’ve interviewed individuals for teaching positions over the years where candidates, often well into their careers, are at a point where they’re looking to “give back” to their industry or field by teaching. What a great capstone experience on a successful career!

Creating futures for students who are working so hard every day to gain a better life is not the only reason FVTC is great place to work. The supportive culture, abundant professional development opportunities, and high-tech facilities and classrooms also make this college a very special “home away from home” for many of us who work here.  Everywhere you turn there is someone willing to help you do your job to the best of your ability!

Please consider joining us on April 29 to learn more. You’ll find the details and registration information at www.fvtc.edu/jobfair.

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