The Technical College Effect: Immediate Payback for Taxpayers

Return on investment (ROI)…something everyone is interested in these days. Whether it’s a personal purchase or investment account, a company investing in new equipment, or someone pursuing a college education, all share the same interest…return on their investment. It’s something that we, at Fox Valley Technical College, are very aware of and sensitive to when it comes to providing an excellent educational value and experience for our students.

We care about this investment from a student/graduate perspective and the results they achieve which I highlighted in my previous post. But we also care about the ROI we are providing to our area employers, the local workforce, and the community in general. With the majority of Wisconsin jobs requiring 2 years or less of technical education, we’ve got an enormous challenge ahead in attracting, educating, and graduating individuals with the qualifications necessary to succeed in this skills-based economy. And, at the same time, we need to continue to improve the skills of the region’s incumbent workforce. Continue reading “The Technical College Effect: Immediate Payback for Taxpayers”

The Technical College Effect: Immediate Success for Graduates

One of the things we are most proud of in Wisconsin’s Technical College System is the success of our graduates.  When we can say to prospective students, “if you successfully complete your AAS degree or technical diploma with us, you have a 9 in 10 chance of being employed within six months of graduation,” it’s quite a compelling statement.  And the basis for this kind of statement can be found in our extensive follow-up research that is conducted with our graduates each year.

It’s clear to me that our graduates land very good jobs that are available right here in our local communities with median salaries for AAS grads across our System reaching $36,000 right out of college.  What’s really impressive, though, is what happens to this median salary after just five years of experience in Wisconsin’s workforce where it rises to $44,000 annually—a 48% increase in just five years.  How do we know this?  We not only conduct extensive follow-up studies with our graduates six months after graduation, but also five years after graduation.  You can find our regional graduate survey results at  You can also see in the graphics below the types of technical occupations that produce some of the highest median salaries upon graduation—they certainly represent just some of the excellent career opportunities for successful technical college graduates! Continue reading “The Technical College Effect: Immediate Success for Graduates”