A Reunion of Sorts…with a Keen Focus on Careers

Attended a great event at the College last night…a JobSeekers Network (JSN) alumni event.  These are folks who lost jobs in the recent recession, participated in our JobSeekers Network since it launched in 2009, and landed new jobs by using the process and techniques that are at the heart of this program, carefully designed and delivered by Chris Czarnik as the group’s facilitator.

It was wonderful to welcome these individuals back to the College and celebrate their success.  Needless to say, I met many grateful people tonight.  Many of them not only had relatively new jobs, but I was struck by the fact that so many have found positions that they were so well suited for…great jobs…and in many cases, people were finding themselves as happy as they have ever been in their careers.

Also attending this event were current JSN participants who are deep in the job search process right now.  They had the opportunity to network with those who have found success and found new directions in their careers.  Many new connections and potential opportunities were discovered in that room tonight.  And many of the attendees were able to reconnect with JSN colleagues.

I told the group that investing in JSN was one of the most important things the College could do for our communities in the depth of the recession, and that the alumni in attendance were clearly evidence of that.  Seeing the faces of those with good jobs, as well as those who are desperately seeking a fresh opportunity, confirmed for me again the importance of this work.

View video (WBAY)

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