Choosing a College: A Parent-to-Parent Panel Discussion

As part of our annual community open house this year, a panel of parents and students will share their experiences in choosing a college. This dialogue session is open to everyone and will feature a Q&A format with each of the panelists along with questions from the audience. I am always interested in hearing how people choose from their higher ed. options.

FVTC’s Annual Community House draws around 2,000 visitors. This year’s event will feature a parent panel discussion on how to choose a college.

Typical questions I hear include: I’m not sure what I want to study, can I afford college, where are the jobs, can I transfer later, how can I work and go to school too, and the like. This dialogue session is an opportunity for those making (or helping someone make) a college choice decision to think through all of the variables. I just know it will be enlightening for many!

And with the current skills gap impacting  many employers in our state and nation, today’s work environment requires relevant skills for employment. Our goal with events such as the open house and the parent panel is to help parents and young people, as well those looking to change their direction mid-career, understand what the real employment opportunities are in our region, and the education and training they will need to successfully land those opportunities.
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A Long-Awaited Day

Today’s a day I’ve been hoping for and planning for many years.  We are finally breaking ground on the new Health Simulation and Technology Center at FVTC’s Appleton Campus with an official groundbreaking ceremony this afternoon.

I was happy to support efforts of our health dean back in 2000 when she wanted to explore the use of simulators in health care education…human patient simulators.  That was just the beginning of an exciting journey in developing a vision for this technology, providing professional development for faculty and staff, and making an incredible impact on the kinds of realistic experiences thousands of our students and health care professionals have had over the years. Continue reading “A Long-Awaited Day”