Election Day is Here

Everyone’s vote counts, so please vote today.  Voting is not only your right as an American citizen, but when you do so, you are part of a very important process where critical decisions are made that ultimately affect everyone.  But ultimately, your decision to go to the polls today is a personal one.

As we have gone about the important task in recent months to inform as many people as possible about the April 3rd referendum, one comment stands out for me among many.  The comment came from a current student who has keenly observed the role our College plays in the community.  This young student’s statement was, “if I find myself laid off from a job ten years from now, I need this place to be strong and to be there for me.”

On behalf of Fox Valley Technical College, I hope that we’ve been able to adequately inform you regarding our proposed capital facilities referendum.  Whether or not to make an investment in our work that supports thousands of individuals and employers in this region in the amount of $1/month on $100,000 of property value is really up to everyone in our community.  Your decision about helping to make a difference by going to the polls…is really up to you. Thank you for voting today!

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