Celebrating an Incredible Season of Giving

Last night, on behalf of the College, I hosted a wonderful holiday celebration dinner.  The work of our culinary students absolutely shined and all enjoyed a great, festive evening.  Attending were members of the College Board of Trustees, the FVTC Foundation Board, staff, long time donors, community partners and families that created new endowment funds with the Foundation in 2011.

It was my privilege to introduce and honor the wonderful donors of twelve (yes, 12!) new endowment funds, each representing commitments of $10,000 or more to the work of our Foundation.  And most of these gifts are being directed to support student scholarships.  I’m particularly proud that many of these donors are members of the FVTC staff or retirees.  And I continue to be impressed that commitments at this level are being made by our management staff, faculty and support staff.  Here are the new endowment funds for 2011:

  • The Sharon and Katie Hulce Endowed Fund (established by Trustee Sharon Hulce)
  • The Jadin Endowed Fund (established by Dr. Ann Jadin, OTA Instructor, and her husband, Tom)
  • The Denise and Curtis Martinez Fund (established by Denise Martinez, Director of Student Affairs, and her husband, Curt)
  • The Robinson-Kramer Fund (established by Dr. Pat Robinson, Executive Dean for Public Safety)
  • The McCann’s “Dream It, Achieve It, Live It” Scholarship (established by Mike McCann, Truck Driving Aide, and his wife, Joan)
  • The J2RB Scholarship (established by Jim Beard and Roxanne Rusch, both Horticulture Instructors)
  • The Bonnie and Chesty LeNoble Memorial Scholarship (established by their family, including daughter Jean Lenz, Technical Operations Specialist, and her husband, Steve)
  • The Barbara C. Liang Memorial Scholarship (established by her family, including Kevin Dahle, Welding Instructor, and her three daughters)
  • The Marilyn Loberg Memorial Scholarship (established by her family, including husband, Merlin, and children including Susan Loberg-Aulwes, ABE Instructor and her husband, Pat)
  • The Lois Jean Rusch Memorial Scholarship (established as part of Jean’s estate)
  • The Chip Newberg Memorial Scholarship (established by his wife, Monica Newberg, retired Early Childhood Education Instructor)
  • The Sean Paul Gonia Scholarship (established by his parents, Laur and Sylvia Gonia)

A special thank you to all of these wonderful people who, because of their generosity and thoughtfulness, will enhance the lives of our students into perpetuity.  We are most grateful to them and to all who support our students and our College by giving their resources, time and talent to our Foundation.  If you’d like to join the efforts of these wonderful donors, consider a contribution to the FVTC Foundation during this season of giving.

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