Apprentices Embrace the Season of Giving

I was really impressed with an initiative I recently heard about.  It’s happening in our College’s Electrician Apprenticeship program, led by instructor, Matt Bishop.  This instructor felt that this apprenticeship program could do something more to give back to the community during the holiday season.  So he encouraged (sort of challenged) each of his five classes to choose their own paths with this, but to select a charity and make a difference as a class.

ABC Construction Electrician apprentices at FVTC provide financial and in-kind support on behalf of their employers to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Fox Valley.

Matt was thrilled to see his students respond and take him up on this challenge.  So far, his classes have made decisions to support Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Fox Valley Humane Society.  Many of the apprentices have requested additional help from their employers, and have found excellent support there as well.  Wow, this is contagious.

In my view, this brings a whole new dimension to the apprenticeship experience.  I’m so proud of this instructor, and equally proud of and impressed with the way these students responded…working together to support a common cause during this wonderful season of giving!

2 thoughts on “Apprentices Embrace the Season of Giving

  1. Carol Tyler

    This is wonderful and reminds me of service learning and its power. Early research indicates students involved in service to their communities are more likely to stay in school. Way to go, Matt.

  2. Brian Donovan

    What an awesome testimony about teaching responsibility toward one’s community as these students learn life long skills to match them. Kudos to the instructor, Matt Bishop, and to all of his students. God Bless and Merry Christmas to you!


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