Leaders Through the Spectrum of Time

We held a great event this week…..our Centennial Board Reunion.  Attending as our guests were College Trustees, Foundation Board Members and FVTC Presidents from the past and present.  Several had great stories to share and perspectives from the point in time which they served this College.

One conversation really stood out for me and it was with a former trustee who had served on the FVTC Board of Directors from 1967 to 1973.  He told me that he can still recall the feeling of the shovel in his hand when the ground was broken to build our Appleton Campus.  And he is completely in awe of what this College has become today and the incredible impact we make on our region.  I could sense tremendous pride from this gentleman and many others in the room in having played a leadership role in creating what has become the legacy of Fox Valley Technical College.

Board members shoulder a tremendous responsibility…..and have at so many points of time in our history.  One of their greatest challenges is balancing the investments needed to support individuals and employers in our area (fundamentally fulfilling the College’s mission) with fiscal sensitivity and restraint.  That’s not an easy task, particularly today.  But through the spectrum of time, various Boards and administrators have taken bold, courageous, and forward-thinking steps that have allowed our organization to thrive as a tremendous resource for the people of this region.  I applaud those efforts.

View photos below of some of our current and former college leaders who attended the reunion!


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