The Season of Celebrations

Last week we wrapped up another season that started in April…what I call the “season of celebrations” and all of the year-end events that close out an academic year in the life of a college.  There has been much to celebrate with our students and staff over the last three months.  The final two events last week included our High School Completion Ceremony and the Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute (WLDI) Graduation.

First, a few words about the High School Completion event.  I would bet that most people aren’t aware that FVTC supports the efforts of many people in our community in attaining their high school credential.  This year we had 450 people earn their high school credential (HSED or GED) through our Adult Basic Education Program.  We had a great group participate in last week’s ceremony, heard from two wonderful student speakers, and I was delighted to see retiring faculty member, Deb Cook, provide the keynote address that evening.  Every time I attend this event, I’m never sure which group exudes more pride in what has been accomplished—the students, the families, or the faculty.  You know, they should all be very proud.  Every single person earning this credential has a unique story to tell…they come from a variety of backgrounds, their ages were in the range of about 21-81, they’ve come here from all corners of the region and the world, and all seemed excited about what it is that life has in store for them next. Continue reading “The Season of Celebrations”