Bart Starr Shared a Little of His Passion…for Football and for People

Had a chance to meet and hear Bart Starr speak here at the College last week.  The Student Government Association had booked him as a speaker in their leadership series some time ago, but how great that he made an appearance here just days after the Packers won the Super Bowl!

My husband, Tim, and I enjoyed the pleasure of meeting Bart Starr in our Student Life Center before his presentation.

What a warm and down-to-earth person he is, even though he still seems to have rock star status with so many people.  We had a great audience for this event…about 600 students, staff, and community members turned out on a very cold night to hear what Bart had to say.

Bart’s presentation mostly focused on leadership and characteristics for success.  He particularly challenged us all to focus on our attitude (as it determines our altitude) and on love–the love of other people, passion for the work we do, and love of life in general.  He did a fine job talking about leadership theory, but I found it fascinating that it was when he shared his football stories that he really lit up and showed his own passion.  Hearing directly from Bart Starr about his sideline conversation with Vince Lombardi regarding one of the greatest plays in the Ice Bowl (his quarterback sneak) was truly something special.  Won’t forget that anytime soon.

Fox Valley Technical College was honored to welcome the legendary Bart Starr to its Appleton Campus.

Bart also has shown his passion for making a difference in people’s lives throughout his years since football.  He has been a major sponsor, and often spokesperson, for Rawhide Boys Ranch.  It was really great when a young man from the audience stood up and thanked Mr. Starr for all he’s done for Rawhide over the years; he indicated that he was a 1997 graduate of Rawhide and now a Criminal Justice student at Fox Valley Technical College!

2 thoughts on “Bart Starr Shared a Little of His Passion…for Football and for People

  1. Amy Schiedermayer

    Thanks for the summary of Bart Starr’s visit/presentation. He’s always been such a “people” person and motivator.

    Wish I could have attended.

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