Super Bowl Pressure

I’ve been thinking about the pressure that our Packers must be feeling this week. Now, I know this is just a game and that these guys are paid quite well for the skills they bring to the field. But I still can’t help but think about the pressure they are under, and have been under the last few months, to not let us down.

But whether you realize it or not, we are playing a “super bowl” here at the College every day. We have many, many people counting on us to come through each day–all of our students, employers of the region, communities, legislators, taxpayers, and others. It takes a team of many individuals to serve our constituents and people are counting on us more than ever not to let them down.

On Sunday, each Packer player is going to have to cover his particular responsibility and play at a very high level to bring home a Super Bowl win. That’s exactly what we must do here every day. While I will be cheering on the Pack this weekend and wishing them success, I will be cheering for our own players here at FVTC every day as people are counting on us to come through for even more important reasons.

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