Celebrating the “Landings” of Job Seekers

I continue to be amazed by the results that we are seeing by Chris Czarnik and our Job Seekers Network.  Chris has fine-tuned an approach for network participants to find success even in this tough job marketplace.  He shares every “landing” with me (and they are regular).  By this, I mean the stories of individuals from our community who take advantage of our free Job Seekers Network, follow the approach that Chris teaches, and then land jobs.  Each participant who lands communicates their success story to Chris in a letter.  These letters give you goose bumps and I couldn’t be happier for the individuals who are finding new hope and new opportunities in the workforce.

Did you know that the Job Seekers Network also has a 50/50 Club?  Members of the 50/50 Club are those participants age 50 or over who land jobs making at least $50,000.  What a great concept and excellent goal for folks to aspire to in this economy.  I can’t say enough about the initiative and the passion that Chris brings to this network.  The impact he is having on job seekers is truly incredible and very obvious from all the “landing” letters I’ve read.  If you know of anyone who could benefit from the services of the Job Seekers Network, be sure to send them Chris’ way.

Chris Czarnik facilitates a discussion on proven career search strategies during a JobSeekers Network meeting.

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