Grads Get Jobs

You may have noticed our latest billboards. Actually, you can’t really miss them. But I’ve attached a photo of one just in case.

The billboards really speak to the heart of Fox Valley Technical College’s mission which is, in a nutshell, “education for employment”. Our work, day in and day out, is to prepare people–no matter what their situation is, their age, their background, their experience–for the workforce of this region or beyond. And what we provide is career and technical education…preparation for the overwhelming majority of jobs available in our workplaces.

The billboards promote the fact that our grads get jobs which is very reflective of our graduate placement results, even in this extremely tough economy.  In the years before this recession, about 92% of our graduates were employed within 6 months of graduation. As bad as this job market has been, I was very concerned that this placement rate would drop substantially. To my amazement, that hasn’t happened. Our 2009 graduates (as a whole) experienced an 85% placement rate within 6 months.  We have a follow-up study underway right now on how our 2010 grads fared in the job market.

Our grads get jobs for a very good reason and that involves our close working relationship with area employers. Our faculty are hired out of their respective industries.  Employers work with us to determine needs for new degree programs, certificates, and continuing education offerings.  Our program advisory committees help us to continuously refine our curriculum and technology to meet the needs of today’s workplaces. Employers support student learning opportunities through internships, co-ops, clinical placements, and class projects or tours.

Our faculty and students are never far removed from the needs and realities of area employers….and, as a result, our grads do get jobs–good jobs–and have a great track record of career progression as well.  While career success is largely dependent on the individual, we plan to continue to do everything we can to prepare our students for the ever changing world of work.  Next year we will celebrate 100 years of preparing people with the technical skills needed for employment in this region. Here’s to the next century of career and technical education!

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