Celebrating an Innovation Birthday

We celebrated an important birthday last week–Wisc-Online turned 10 years old! I remember this birth very well. Thanks to a wonderful Federal grant, our College took the lead and collaborated with all Wisconsin technical colleges to launch what I believe to be one of the most outstanding instructional delivery innovations I’ve seen in my career–the development of learning objects.

What’s delivered on the Wisc-Online site is essentially an electronic library that houses over 2,500 learning objects that can readily be used by students and teachers all over the world. These tiny bits of content come to life through videos, 3-D applications, animations, simulations and interactive self-check exercises to enhance learning. Here is just one example of a learning object.

Over 180 faculty members from Wisconsin’s technical colleges have authored these learning objects and believe it or not, about 300,000 unique individuals visit Wisc-Online.com each month. This is a pretty popular 10-year old! Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to making this great resource a reality. I can only imagine what the future holds for exciting new developments in learning technology. Happy Birthday, Wisc-Online!

What’s been your experience with this technology?

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