Rebuilding Together

Earlier this week Alyce Dumke from our Foundation and I attended the annual report to the community by an organization called Rebuilding Together—Fox Valley.  Are you familiar with the mission of this great non-profit organization?  They focus on making adaptations to the homes of the elderly and disabled in our community, allowing these folks to remain living independently by ensuring that their homes are safe and comfortable.  So, they repair walkways, install walk-in showers, upgrade electrical panels, replace roofs and windows, repaint rooms, or whatever is needed.  Last year, they touched 100 homes throughout the Fox Valley.  To do this work, they rely on the support of individual and corporate donors/sponsors and the helping hands of many volunteers.

I’m pleased to share that a number of our staff have volunteered on various house projects for Rebuilding Together, and we have had several staff serve on its Board including Cindy Wetzel, Babs Smith, and now, Steve Dreger.  It was wonderful to hear from some of the elderly people in our community at this event—the people whose lives have been made so much easier and safer by the work of this organization.  At the event, several of us from the College were talking about how we might work more closely with this organization, given our role in the community and the many talents, skills, and good hearts we have here at FVTC.  Any thoughts about that?  Would love to hear your ideas.

3 thoughts on “Rebuilding Together

  1. Steve Dreger

    This is another great way for staff to give back to the communities in which we live. FVTC has such a diverse group of talented staff that could be utilized for projects all around the Fox Cities. Rebuilding Together -Fox Valley just hosted our fall project day where many volunteers eagerly donated a day of their week to literally change the lives of others in need. I worked on one of the project homes that day and had an opportunity to chat with the owner who had lived in her home for over 50 years and was unable to afford many needed updates. Approximately 20 volunteers repainted interior rooms, installed new flooring, along with some new light fixtures. It’s a great feeling to see the appreciation and witness the accomplishments, and you also have an opportunity to meet some new friends and wonderful people along the way! Just think of it as a smaller version of “Extreme Makeover”, but with the same impact!

    1. Susan May

      Thanks for your involvement, Steve. It is great to read first-hand about your experiences with this organization. I know you saw this at the Rebuilding Together report to the community, but in case others would like to see it, I’ve attached here a link to the video that was shown at this event.


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