Constantly Adapting – and With Enthusiasm

Last week a colleague and I had the opportunity to host the meeting of the Sales and Marketing Professionals of Northeast Wisconsin on campus and do a presentation for them. We were asked to focus on the impacts of the recession on our organization and how we have responded. To address this, we talked about the market shifts we’ve experienced, the ways in which we’ve adapted, as well as various strategies used to communicate with a wide range of customers.

What a great group of leaders from the region!  It was clear that many members of this group were also in the throes of adjusting and constantly adapting to new market realities of all kinds. One company was looking at opportunities due to the recent closing of a competitor, an entrepreneur was needing to build a Web presence for her business, and another individual who had been down-sized recently was just launching his new business trying to get some traction in the marketplace.  All kinds of changes and adaptations going on.  And this was evident from just three short conversations with members of this group after the presentation.

In spite of the ups and downs and the many new challenges this group was experiencing, I was struck by their great attitudes, optimism, and “can do” spirit. Adapting to the shifts in their worlds seemed to be pretty common, but their level of enthusiasm isn’t all that common in other arenas. It was great to spend time with this wonderful group! We were delighted to have them on campus.

How have you adapted to significant changes in the workplace recently?

2 thoughts on “Constantly Adapting – and With Enthusiasm

  1. Dewey Stevens

    I am presenting at the APICS conference in reference to your above blog.

    My presentation is Enhancing Employee Efficiencies in The New Normal.


  2. Pat Pollock

    The opportunities to adapt in this economy are mind-boggling. The world as we knew it no longer exists, and we have to not only be adapting to change, but looking for it.

    As a faculty member, the biggest change is in our audience. The skills the students bring to school are very different from the skills of the past. If we, as faculty, are not up-to-date on the latest technology (Blackberries, wikis, blogs), we are looked at as dinosaurs and lose credibility with our students. My biggest concern for the future is keeping up with technology that changes faster than you can read the articles telling about its inception!

    So, how have I adapted? By increasing my learning and by talking with middle schoolers and high schoolers to become aware of what the student of the near future will look like.


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