He Followed His Passion

Earlier this week I presented a wonderful family from northern Wisconsin with a diploma in honor of their young son (and husband) who had recently lost his life to cancer.  This young man was a student in our automotive technician program and was actively involved with the “Beat the Heat” student club.

His passion was cars and he lived his short life pursuing his passion to the fullest.  His parents recalled their first trip to Fox Valley Technical College when they were visiting potential colleges for him to attend.  His mom indicated that the minute he stepped foot in our automotive lab, he just knew this was where he was going to school.

With his parents on this day was the young man’s widow.  They had only been married a few days before he passed away and yet she was so pleased to stop by the lab where he took classes and see the “Beat the Heat” car that now included a sticker paying tribute to her husband.  They recalled that even during his chemo treatments, if he felt pretty good, he would be there on Wednesday nights.

This young man followed his passion…and it brought him to FVTC.  I’m so happy that we could make a difference in this person’s precious few years!  Sometimes we never truly know the impact we make on others…as individuals or as organizations.

One thought on “He Followed His Passion

  1. Becca

    Such a wonderful and beautifully written post, Dr. May. Thank you so much for sharing such an inspirational story with us!


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