Incredible Sacrifices in Service to Our Country…by Students and Staff

I was very honored a few weeks ago when a representative of The National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve stopped by to present me with their “patriotic employer” award.  One of our automotive instructors, Sgt. Dave Sarna, had made the nomination for this award.

Then I recalled how touching it was earlier in the summer when Sgt. Sarna delivered his orders to me indicating that he was being called up to serve his third tour of duty in the Middle East…this time leading a unit to clear roadside bombs in Afghanistan.  I was being thanked for supporting an employee to serve in the military and all I could think about was the incredible sacrifice that Sgt. Sarna and all his comrades were making on our behalf.

I was so pleased to see our Foundation create a new scholarship fund this year—the LZ Scholarship Fund.  Since we have become the “landing zone” for many returning veterans, it’s quite fitting, and a way that we can provide additional support for our veteran students.

At our Staff In-service last Friday, I had the pleasure of announcing this new fund.  Here’s a brief video clip of Sgt. Sarna and one of our graduates, Specialist Yaeger, delivering a brief message to our faculty and staff from their training location.  I certainly wish these brave men, and all with whom they serve, the very best in the months ahead.

6 thoughts on “Incredible Sacrifices in Service to Our Country…by Students and Staff

  1. Deb Woodworth

    The FVTC Foundation is honored to establish a scholarship fund that will be available to veterans who have served in any wars. It was great to have Sgt. Sarna and Specialist Yaeger send comments to the FVTC staff as they deployed to Afghanistan last Friday, August 20th.

  2. Pat Pollock

    I am humbled that our students and teachers are volunteering their very lives for us. Thanks, Dave, and everyone else. I hope all of us think about this as we decide what to donate to the LZ scholarship and Foundation.

  3. Barb Dreger

    Susan, thank you for sharing this. I have great respect for everyone who has made a decision to serve their country and protect our freedom. Best wishes to you Dave and specialist Yaeger; we look forward to your safe return!

  4. mary schmidt

    GREAT to see a blog from you Susan! And on this day–today’s the 90th anniversary of the 19th ammendment guaranteeing women the right to vote. Hard to believe we were refused this basic right because of our sex. Even harder to believe that a female president of a college was a fairy tale back then. Glad to see you a resonable and proud voice for women!

  5. Carol Tyler

    I mentored Dave Sarna when he began teaching at FVTC. He didn’t need much mentoring, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him. We exchanged letters during his last tour, and I can’t tell you how much his letters meant to me – giving me an inside glimpse of what was going on in the Middle East.

  6. Amy Schiedermayer

    Dr. May, thank you so much for sharing. This is awesome.

    In a nutshell—The people at Fox Valley Technical College are wonderful and caring thus making it an enjoyable place to work.


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