It’s a Small World!

I had a chance to welcome all of our international students to the College late last week.  What an amazing opportunity to see such a large group of  talented, fearless, and eager young people from all over the world embrace their educational experience here at FVTC!  These smiling faces were from Guatemala, Egypt, the Netherlands, France, Mexico, South Africa…every corner of the world…as introductions continued.  And all, no matter where they were from, looking for a better life through education.  How terrific that we’ve been given the opportunity to weave students from all over the world into the fabric of our organization!

Then, there was something else quite magical that I happened to notice.  It was the expressions on the faces of several of our English Language Learning (ELL) faculty in the room.  As several second year students introduced themselves, where they were from and what they were here to study…they did so in English.  You see, many of these students arrived here a year ago and spoke no English at all.  It was our ELL faculty who helped them learn the English language (and very quickly).  There was great pride in the faces of our faculty as no interpreter was needed for these introductions.

Such a warm and joyful event, filled with pride in last year’s accomplishments and the anticipation of what the new academic year will bring!

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