A Note of Thanks to our Trustees

On July 1, we had a transition at Fox Valley Technical College. Two long-time members of our Board of Trustees, Dr. Jack Rhodes of Waupaca and Don Waldvogel of Hilbert, have retired after years of dedicated service to our students and the College. Our volunteer trustees give tirelessly of their time, energy and talent to ensure that we are fulfilling our important mission. I particularly enjoyed working with Jack on the opening of our new Waupaca Regional Center in 2008. He was instrumental in bringing that dream to reality. Thank you, Jack! Similarly in 2001, Don played a key role in supporting our new facility in the Chilton community. Thanks, Don, for your many years in representing the Calumet County region, as well as being a tremendous advocate for the agriculture industry!

As a community, we owe these gentlemen – and all our trustees – our deepest gratitude for their leadership and insight. I’d like to add my personal thanks for the support, guidance and friendship they have extended to me in the first few years of my presidency.

So now we look forward. To fill the positions vacated by Jack and Don, I’m delighted to welcome to the Board our newly-appointed trustees, Yvette Dunlap and Sharon Hulce. Yvette is the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for the Appleton Area School District and resides in Appleton. Sharon is the President/CEO of Employment Resources Group, Inc., also from Appleton. I look forward to working with both of these talented women in the coming years.

For some background on all of the College Trustees and newly-elected officers, I’ve provided a link to the Board web page.

If you know any of these individuals, please join me in thanking them for their service to Fox Valley Technical College.

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